Friday, 20 April 2012

Step 4 : Noting measurements

Instruments used
·         30  m measuring tape with graduations of 2mm each
·         15 m metal tape
·         30 cm scale
·         Set squares
·         Torch light

1. Before we began noting measurements, the working team had decided that measurements over 3000mm span will be avoided in order to minimise errors due to sagging of the measuring tape.
2.  Care was taken that the tape was always held vertical (i.e. perpendicular to the floor line) in order to minimise errors.
3. Wherever there was chipped, broken or loose masonry on the corners, care was taken to place the measuring tape on the marked point.
4. As the tape we use for measurements have graduations of 2mm, we are cautious while noting measurements.
5.  More than 2 measurements were taken for critical points to aid in cross-checking.
6. One of the limitations that we face on site even today, is the absolute lack of light in 3 interior rooms. Adding to the limitation is the large of the room (>5m x 5m). 
7. All dimensions are being noted in Millimetres.

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