About the team

At this point of time, for documentation and framing a conservation plan, there are 2 consultant conservation architects – Saparya Varma and Somi Chatterjee hired by the ASI and 1 surveyor Asim Jyoti Dutta. Hopefully, in the future, one can add more team members who would be involved with the project at different stages.

Saparya Varma
Saparya Varma has a specialization in Architectural Conservation from the School of Planning and Architecture, New Delhi. She has experience in the field of Conservation since June 2009 on sites that are protected by the Archaeological Survey of India. While working as an Assistant Architect in a private firm(Design Dreams, Thrissur) in Kerala, She has worked on the Research and conceptualisation of a visitor management plan for a Megalithic burial site in Kerala and Supervision of conservation works and recording of traditional building materials in the Vadakkunathan Temple, Thrissur, Kerala. The latter was a project initiated by the TVS group as a part of their Corporate Social Responsibility. Saparya, later worked as a Consultant for the Hampi World Heritage Area Management Authority (HWHAMA); part of a team of two Conservation Architects and worked on the preparation of a Comprehensive Conservation Plan for the World Heritage Site of Hampi. In her previous experiences she has had a chance to work with a variety of building materials like Wood, Laterite, Copper, Lime and Granite. This project, which includes manual documentation, Condition Assessment, Analyses of building construction techniques and preparation of a Visitor Management Plan for 4 monuments in Sivasagar, Assam gives her a chance to apply her previous experiences, learn new methods and techniques in Recording historic buildings and learn Surveying of historic Sites from her colleagues.

Somi Chatterjee
Somi Chatterjee is an architect from the Bengal Engineering College (Bengal Engineering and Science University), Shibpur and has done her specialisation in Architectural Conservation from the School of Planning and Architecture, New Delhi, with a gold medal. Since her post-graduation in 2009, she has worked in projects both in India and abroad.  She began working as a project architect, revising competition entry for Designing of the Sanchi Museum and went on to work with Prof Nalini Thakur as a project architect and a research assistant. With Prof. Thakur, she was exposed to a more comprehensive overview of the varied cultural resources in India. With her, Somi worked on the World Heritage Sites of Hampi and Khajuraho and other heritage sites like the Radha Kanta Math, Puri which was also a CSR project. She started as an independent consultant since 2010 with the framing of the Comprehensive Conservation Plan for the Hampi World Heritage Site, done as a team of two (with Saparya Varma). The CCP was intended as a plan document to provide guiding framework for all interventions and decision-making processes pertaining to all cultural resources of Hampi. As an extension, she was involved with framing the Retrospective Statement of Outstanding Universal Values and assisting in Periodic reporting for Hampi World Heritage Site. After her stint with Hampi, she project consultant for INTACH Delhi Chapter for Statistical support and Data analysis pertaining to Visitor Management for nomination of Delhi as a World Heritage City.
Her field experience at the Romiri Project, Greece (organised by the DIADRASIS, in collaboration with the Hellenic Ministry of Culture, ICCROM and University of York) together with other exposures adds to her technical knowledge in executing the present project – Conservation and Development of Ahom Monuments, Sibsagar, Assam effectively. 


  1. Dear friends,

    Your work very impressive!
    Do you meet any Tai-Ahom people?

    Encouraging you!

    Supawut B.

  2. Thanks Supawut .. haven`t yet met any .. but there is apparently a village who retains much of the Tai culture .. interested ?? And thanks for all the encouragement ...

  3. Hi Somi,

    this is Payel. very impressive work. needed to talk to you about a certain project related to world heritage sites,,,,so do mail me your contact at payelmukerjee@gmail.com. looking forward to hear from you.