Friday, 20 April 2012

Step 03: Field Sketches

  For field sketches, the following are being used:

a.      Graph paper of A2 size (594 x 420 mm) with grids in centimetre
b.      A3 transparencies
c.      Drawing board of size A2
d.      Pencils with 0.5 mm leads
e.      Scale (30 cm)
f.       Cello-tape to secure graph paper         

  1. An indicative plan with spaces in the ground floor labelled S1, S2, S3….S15 is used for reference.
  2. The team has started with noting interior measurements. We are following an anti-clockwise order for measuring interior spaces.
  3. A proportionate sketch of the room plan, along the marked datum line is first drawn on the graph paper. On each of these sheets, details such as Structure code, Content, Date, erroneous points, corrections are being recorded.
  4. In our initial stages of noting measurements, the sketch plan included even the details (niches, moldings, archways etc) and dimension lines were drawn between every point in the room. But this method resulted in confusion, making it difficult to comprehend the sketch and causing errors while draughting. 
  5. As the team is severely short of working hands and time, it was not possible to draught manually on site. The noted points had to draughted off-site using Auto-CAD. We had to hence, adopt an easier yet effective way of noting measurements. It was later decided that we, first, label each point on the sketch plan alpha-numerically. The measurements between points are then noted beside the sketch itself. Although it is understood that this is not the technically correct method of recording, we have realised that this is the most effective method, under the given circumstances. Please refer to the following photograph for a sample work sheet.
  6.  On completion of the profile of the ground floor (exterior and interior), an A3 print out of each of the rooms will be taken to work on the details.
  7. computerized log of all the field sketches is being maintained and will be submitted, for any future references.

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