Friday, 1 June 2012

Noting measurements

The lack of necessary instruments and power supply on site,  forced us to note measurements on site, later transferring them onto the CAD program. We, therefore, had to follow a system of noting measurements that was legible and simple; aiding us in future references. In the initial stages of working, we started by noting dimensions alongside the dimension lines as is the common practice. But the criss-crossing dimension lines and dimensions created confusion, leading to errors in draughting. (Refer to the following photograph)
It was therefore necessary to follow a simpler method and hence, we resorted to noting measurements by first naming the relevant points using alpha-numeric labels and noting beside the sketch as shown in the following drawing.

Later, an even simpler and efficient way of noting was opted for.
The points to which dimensions were being taken were first noted, under which the relevant dimensions were noted. The same can be understood from the following photograph. This method has proved to be the most efficient for us, under the circumstances.

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